Ultra Solar Tales 01 07

As we are enter the orbit of the planet, Ga Na, Titan stands at the largest view screen with a pained look on her face. She has told me on many occasions that this planet looks shockingly like her Earth. A place she has been separated from for more than ten years. It is a beautiful planet, if I do say so. Filled with mountains, forests, rivers, and small villages, all neatly organized and planned.


Titan has been pacing in the bridge, which makes everyone but me nervous, and comes to a full stop in front of the light screens.

“Take us down.”

We begin our slow descent into the atmosphere.

I tell her that our hull integrity is compromised but will hold for one entry and exit from Ga Na’s atmosphere, but we must make repairs immediately after that.

When building this ship Titan insisted to the Babaca designers that the ship must be capable of landing on a planet. They initially resisted her but no one holds out long when Titan is breathing down your neck. At first I thought it was because everyone looks at her like a god, but I have come to realize it is because of the way she stares others into submission. I have watched pulses rise, eyes widen, and voices become meek when any creature tries to make her back down.

The ship made a soft landing and Titan strides on her long legs across the nearest hatch. 

I speak to her yet again.

“Captain, your breather.”

“Right.” She reaches around her neck and pulls on her breather. All the conditions on this planet are fairly compatible with humans but the oxygen content is low. With all the stress and running around she’s going to do I didn’t want her to get worn down. Also, I don’t know how contaminated the air is here.

Titan quickly jumps down the first few steps as she looks down to the dirt below. She pauses at the bottom and her eyes dance while her left hand twitches. I see her mouthing something under her breath but, uncommon for us, I’m not close enough to hear her.

I know exactly what she’s thinking as she takes one giant step into the dirt and leans down. I know what she’s thinking because I’ve seen her do this before. 

She runs her hand in front her feet and scoops up a handful of soil. She watches every particle as it falls slowly out of her gloved hand and back down to the ground. She then looks up to the doomed village in front of her and the screaming chaos we have come to face.