Ultra Solar Tales 01 06

Alanua stands and lets out an ear splitting whistle that is so high pitched and piercing it is almost ultrasonic.

Titan watches the entire Babaca bridge crew sway their tentacles in a dance-like wave.

She then looks up to the ceiling,

“Wicket, take them outside the ship and find survivors.”


A group of six Aazz drop to the floor and rush out of the room.

Titan touches her control pads, “Computer, follow the Aazz and open doors for them as they approach damaged areas.”

Alanua sits back down and finally speaks to Titan.

“There is a massive hull breach. The entire area is sealed. There are casualties.”

“Understood. Helm, keep our heading locked onto Ga Na.”

The helmsman flicks its tentacles, “Affirmative.”

“Time to arrival?”

“Forty seven minutes.”

“Damn. Keep us on course. Computer, retract the emergency barriers.”

The computer beeps at her and the clear barriers unlock from the floor and begin their effortless retraction into the walls and ceiling.

Titan takes a huge breath of air that, let’s face it, was exactly the same as inside the pod.

“Alanua, use the minimal crew you need for repairs. Everyone else must continue preparations for the planetary evacuation.”

“It is being done.”

Titan walks to a screen and begins sifting through the status reports from the ship. Every being on board is accounted for, those alive and the few that lost their lives. She flips through the security feeds to get her eyes directly on the Aazz.

I usually keep my mouth shut unless absolutely necessary but deaths on the ship are a priority for Titan and must be reported at once. 

“Captain, the Aazz have recovered six bodies that were blown out of the ship. Three are being revived.”

“Show me.”

I bring up the Aazz soldiers on the view screen and watch Titan’s eyes dilate. She tried explaining to me once what it was like keeping your emotions in check when there is an emergency. Human emotions may be quite foreign to me, even after a great many years with her, but I can easily read the depth of her sadness and anger.

The spider-like Aazz are built in such a way that they can handle the vacuum of space, uncovered, for a number of hours which leads them to being incredibly useful during space walks. Or, in this case, finding and bringing inside victims of accidents. 

Titan watches the screens in med labs across the ship. She finds Wicket, her pet spider, and pages his med lab.

“Wicket, your soldiers have done well. Get them prepared for the catastrophe ahead of us.”