The BEAT on Creation: Video Series

The adorable Powerful_Ty talks about how the Women Empower Expo was working to energize her and how happy she was to seen all the teenage entrepreneurs chasing their dreams at the Expo. Ty works to help women grow by pushing out of their comfort zones.

We had a wonderful interview with Tag Labs at BlerDCon. Their technology and gaming labs teach young people creative skills in computer games, mobile applications, and websites. 

Had a great chat with Chelsea about how amazing the Washington DC Women Empower Expo is. Hear Chelsea's take on the expo and why she loved being surrounded by empowered women. She got the most inspiration by hearing how other women were being inspired.

Check out Briana Lawrence talk about the experience she had using Indiegogo to crowdfunding the art work for her next masterpiece, Magnifique Noir. 

Darrell Barber and Shila Lopez give us the run down on the vision board experience of Manifesto, their passion for brining together artists, the awesomeness of Tabba Tabba Coffee, and some of the inspirations for their artwork.

Check out our talk with the incredible Shawn Alleyne. He's a fantastic artist and an equally awesome person. 

Miss Lady La gives us the scoop on what Manifesto is and the unique nature of a vision board event.
Hear some wide words from Ryan N. Parks, a local entrepreneur who was moved by the founder of the Women Empower Expo, Alexa Carlin. Ryan N.
I met up with the fantastic Nashawn Turner at Washington DC's Women Empower Expo. Hear this amazing Live and Career coach talk about her time at the expo and her "Total Empowered Woman Movement."