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Sam Dates Show

Space Plate for "LIFE ON ECHO"  

Digital Space Art from Adobe Photoshop by Erika Christie for Enceladus, Ultra Solar Tales, and Life on Echo

Retrograde Nova's ULTRA SOLAR TALES, A Sci-Fi Short Story Blog

Erika's Blerdcon Interviews

Tuskegee Heirs

Erika had a fantastic chat with Marcus Williams of Tuskegee Heirs on comic book artwork and the influence of the real Tuskegee Airmen.


Erika had a great interview with N. Steven Harris, co-creator of Ajala, where he talked about the importance of having a young black woman be the hero of the story and where he gets some of his artistic inspiration.


Erika and Darrell close out the 3 day festival of BlerDCon. It was an amazing event and we will definitely be back next year. And Erika has certainly turned Darrel into a con-goer. He's hooked!!! "The Con for underrepresented populations in anime, gaming, cosplay, sci-fi, and comics!" Don't miss it next year!!

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