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Erika's Blerdcon Interviews


Erika had a great interview with N. Steven Harris, co-creator of Ajala, where he talked about the importance of having a young black woman be the hero of the story and where he gets some of his artistic inspiration.

Tuskegee Heirs

Erika had a fantastic chat with Marcus Williams of Tuskegee Heirs on comic book artwork and the influence of the real Tuskegee Airmen.


Erika and Darrell close out the 3 day festival of BlerDCon. It was an amazing event and we will definitely be back next year. And Erika has certainly turned Darrel into a con-goer. He's hooked!!! "The Con for underrepresented populations in anime, gaming, cosplay, sci-fi, and comics!" Don't miss it next year!!

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