Ultra Solar Tales 01 04

OK, time to talk about that terrible name. Our new ship, a war ship, is called Sky Heaven. Now, it took Titan years for her to be able to communicate with anyone and any time she names something it sticks, immediately, and permanently. Without her consent. Much to her displeasure. She was speaking with a group of Babaca elders on the day they were naming the brand new ship. Each was trying to explain their recommendation. The concept they were going for was beyond the translators and she struggled. It went something like this.


“What? Up, up? Nitrogen? Atmosphere? Clouds? Rain? Clouds? Sky? Great, first word, Sky. And . . . ? What? Uuuuuugghh. Sorry, nothing you just said translated. High. Elevation? Peace. Good place. Happy place? Creation, to make something? Heaven? Sky . . . Heaven? Oh, god, that’s terrible. That’s the worst! Titanic is a better name for a ship. Seriously, no no no no. What? You’ve already transmitted Sky Heaven to 27 billion Babaca. Great. I’ll be riding in a warship called Sky Heaven. Good God, I need a drink. Someone please invent alcohol.”

I must secretly admit, although she got burned in this particular situation, she occasionally gives things cheeky names juuuuust for fun. I am often confused by this but have learned to interpret her sense of humor and I now find these things achingly funny as well.

Back on the bridge the smallest Babaca Crew member squeals a loud noise that, again, is not able to be translated.

Alanua, without moving, states, “Incoming debris will breach our hull.”

Titan stares at the screens. Her eyes laser focused on the incoming masses. “Is there an attacking ship in the area?”

“Nothing we can see. The ship must have been moving in this direction for so much debris to be grouped together.”

A new light begins to flash on the bridge. Titan stares up at it in surprise. You’d think she’d remember what that one meant. She is the one that insisted on all the stupid flashing lights. What a time to forget your own orders.

And then, for an instant, all the glistening waterfall ripple and pause . . . and start back up again.

Titan yells, “suits on!”

Alanua squeals, “retreat to protected areas.”

The entire bridge transforms as everyone pulls on protective gear and environmental suits. They can each survive for days in their specialized suits. Translucent pressure doors drop all across the bridge which separates the crew members from each other, even as many sit only feet apart. Each compartment has its own air supply for each duo. Titan rushes to her chair and glides into her suit in one fluid motion. Like a fox. A clumsy rhinoceros type of fox, maybe. Titan snaps her helmet into place and turns to her right.

Titan eyeballs Alanua. She stares at the giant eyes on the back of the squids head and knows that Alanua is looking right back at her.

Titan's voice is piped into Alanua's pod.

“Are you prepared to take command of the ship?”