About Us

Our team of multi-disciplinary artists are seeking human expression, human connection, and human interaction.

We are exploring narratives in science fiction, fantasy, drama, and comedy as well as collaborating with local artists throughout the East Coast to bring our audience a true representation of what it is to be a working artist today.

Erika Christie Biography filmmaker photographer writer author webcomic creator podcast editor

Erika Christie


Erika launched Imagine Alley Digital to exercise her demons (artistic and literary. . . mostly) and to have one platform where she could pursue all of her strengths in film, theatre, music, writing, and photography.

She has long bounced between film, theatre, and the digital realm as she creates new worlds with the intent of making them reality. We ALL contribute to making the future we want. Erika, and her team, are making the world stronger, better educated, more empathetic, and willing to embrace and empower those around us. She is consistently inspired by the people working with her and the remarkable creators and educators she meets along the way.

She is eternally grateful to her amazing team.

"Human creativity leads to social cohesion as artists create our collective reality."


Jessica Davis

Actor - Model - Fashion Designer

Jes Davis is an NYC artist who came to the city to pursue her love of acting. Since being there she has landed roles in numerous independent films and TV series (such as Orange is the New Black) and has expanded her modeling profile. 

Her fashion line TUNC has been seen on runways in dozens of shows in NYC as she uses her unique, grungy punk looks to create fashion she loves.


Find her Website HERE


Darrell Barber


Black Disciple is a MC/Producer from Baltimore. As an MC he crafts story lines & pulls you in feet first. After making his debut in 08 on the indie hip hop scene he has expanded into film, music videos, art, and photography. 

darryl mcdonald retrograde nova author writer short stories science fiction

Darryl McDonald


Darryl is a writer who is obsessed with science fiction and historical figures. He'll talk your ear off about ancient Greece and Rome (and plumbing, cough) and loves comparing real stories with how they are portrayed in movies and television. His stories often delve into the human condition and explore the depth and color of grief so many people are challenged by. 



Roman Weden

Actor - Writer - Filmmaker

Roman is a NOVA resident who uses his unique art talents to create comic books, write and perform music, and create experimental films. Although he has many artistic talents he has enjoyed being able to spend so much of his time modeling and acting for various projects with Imagine Alley. He loves getting into the skin of strange and disturbing characters.


JJ Blake

Filmmaker - Writer

JJ is a recent graduate of American University and is the Co-Creator of Sam Dates Show. She loves creating new weirdl worlds and then finding ways of getting those ideas on screen. 

In addition to filmmaking, Blake is an avid creative writer focusing in screenplay, poetry, and personal essay form. She is a lover of theater and has stage managed over ten productions.